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Full Stack Game Development Program

We are the rebels. We are starting revolution in the education system of India, making sure no-one is left behind if they are passionate about achieving their dreams.

Learn now, pay after you get placed

We have a unique fee structure including income share agreement (ISA), EMI and upfront payment. Pay first non-refundable EMI of ₹10,000 and start your career upgrade.

Projects based learning

You will be working on live game development projects and adding those to your portfolio will attract our partner companies to your profile.

Live mentorship - 24x7 support

Learn from the top notch game developers and industry leaders on one-on-one session. We regularly push your portfolio to partner companies for placement.

Companies that hire from us

Secure your dream job with India's top gaming companies with our 100% placement assistance.

All your friends from the previous batch were placed upon program completion.

Turning your passion into a professional career

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Get started in the Gaming & Web3 ecosystem. 🚀

Find people matching your interest, see how they’re learning, earning, and growing. Connect with them and open the world of opportunities for yourself.

We are on the rocket ship to build a community first organization that incentivizes you to learn a new skill or unlock a new career opportunity. Contributing to the decentralized world made by humans for humans 💖

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Program Curriculum

C++ to Multiplayer game on Unity 3d, we will prepare you with the skills which will help you find positions in the FAANG companies.

Each module results in a real-time projects which adds worth to your resume and helps in getting early job placements. On average, candidates land a job within the first 5 months of the program.

Datastructure & Algo

A must-have skillset for a game developer. Will build strong grip on Linear and Non-Linear data structures along with their real-time application.

C++ and C#

Unity gaming engine primarily uses C# for building games. C++ makes our developers adaptive to any game engine with OOPS and generic programming.

Unity 2D Game

Make 2D Platformer game like Super Mario. Learn about Game Physics, Game Collisions, Game Loop, User Interface, and many more exciting concepts.

Unity 3D Game

Build a 3D game with scalable design patterns with flexible code architecture after understanding how games in AAA companies are built systematically.

Single Player

This module is where we make developers understand concepts like player movement, enemies, levels, scores, and much more and build a single player game.

Multiplayer Game

Understanding multiplayer synchronization and data operations. Get to explore the world of back-end using Node.js to build a multiplayer game.

Bonus - Pre Placement

1-on-1 Mock interviews, Resume review sessions, and practice with 100s of frequently asked interview questions to confidently appear in technical interviews.

Non-tech Pre Program

For the people who are new to programming, learn the basic building blocks in our pre-program. Get ready to rock the world of game development.

Profiling & Networking

With our proven hacks build your personal brand in the gaming industry. Connect with our large community and allumni's to reach to top gaming company.

Turning your passion into a professional career

1. Learn

Learn game development fundamentals from scratch. In the 7 months program you will learn to build 2D, 3D, single player and multiplayer game.

2. Create Portfolio

We will help you  creating your online profile with more than 20 live projects to showcase your skill. We will push your profile to top gaming companies.

3. Get Placed - for sure!

Our placement drive starts from month-4 of the program. With 100% placement assistance, allumni's are placed in MPL, Gamesastra and nCore games.

Hear From Our 🚀 Alumni

The program and the Outscal team really helped me excel in my career. In the short span I was able to crack into the top gaming company of India.

Flemin Johnson

All the projects that I did at Outscal gave boost in shortlisting my resume to the recruiters. The overall program was quite engaging and focused towards job placement.

Sethunath Raveendran

I was already a part of the industry for almost two years, yet I was not aware of some of the best coding practices and specifics about the unity engine. The course gave me confidence in my abilities tackling tough problems.

Manas Gangwani

The project oriented approach has helped me grasp topics better than anything taught to me by conventional education.

Milan George

Outscal brought in unique new challenges which made me grow faster and made me withstand future hurdles. The best part about Outscal is that, it felt more humane and you were actually interacting with mentor is super friendly.

Joy Kumar
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Game projects

Games that helped our community secure job.

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