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Wall of Love

The program and the Outscal team really helped me excel in my career. In the short span I was able to crack into the top gaming company of India.

Flemin Johnson

All the projects that I did at Outscal gave boost in shortlisting my resume to the recruiters. The overall program was quite engaging and focused towards job placement.

Sethunath Raveendran

I was already a part of the industry for almost two years, yet I was not aware of some of the best coding practices and specifics about the unity engine. The course gave me confidence in my abilities tackling tough problems.

Manas Gangwani

The project oriented approach has helped me grasp topics better than anything taught to me by conventional education.

Milan George

Outscal brought in unique new challenges which made me grow faster and made me withstand future hurdles. The best part about Outscal is that, it felt more humane and you were actually interacting with mentor is super friendly.

Joy Kumar
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Launchpad Scholarship 🚀

Two weeks of laser-focused game building
  • Perfecting C++
  • Building simple game projects on C++
  • Introductions to unity
  • Building hyper-casual games in Unity
  • Builders will qualify for FSGD
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What do I learn?

Three different tracks with increasing difficulty level.


For anyone
What will we build ?
a text-based hero vs villain role-playing adventure game for beginners.
How will we build it ?
  • Start with the fundamentals of C++
  • Explore the practical applications of classes and objects using Object-oriented programming
  • Understand how health and damage work in a game
  • Close it off by building a game loop i.e. decide when you win, when you lose, and how the game ends


For new programmers
What will we build ?
“Mr Blocks”
an obstacle course hyper-casual game.
How will we build it ?
  • Learn the internals of Unity Game Engine
  • Start with the fundamentals of C# scripting
  • Explore concepts like input detection and collision detection
  • Finish it by building a user interface for your hyper-casual game.


For professional developers
What will we build ?
“Battle Tank”
a 3D first-person action tank game.
How will we build it ?
  • Explore the concepts of advanced game development and ‘scalable code architecture’.
  • Enhance your skills by working with design patterns like ‘MVC’.
  • Grow your knowledge of ‘first-person camera’ and ‘player movement’ in a 3D game.
  • Implement ‘skins’ and show off your tank game to the world.

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