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In this program, you will learn how to build games using the Unity3D engine and also server technology for building multiplayer games using Javascript and Node.js. You will learn all key aspects of game development including scripting in C#, building user interfaces, level systems, physics-based mechanics, sounds, animations and much more. You will implement features like achievement system, character unlocking using design patterns like Model-View-Controller (MVC), Singleton and Observer pattern.


Traditionally the majority of games where offline and single-player experiences so learning Unity3D and C# was enough to land a job at a good game company. As more and more games become multiplayer and have a layer of social connectivity, game companies need engineers that not only understand the complexities of the game engine but are equally good at building backend systems to make these games multiplayer. 

You will master the skills needed to build both 2D and 3D games as individual and group projects using agile methodologies used at every tech company today. This prepares you for the real work environment you will be exposed to at any tech company. 

Course Curriculum

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