Teleport yourself to the gaming industry.

There is global talent shortage of game developer and the demand for professionals in gaming industry is only going to go crazily high.

So we decided to create this platform so that professionals from different industry can connect and upskill themselves to get entry to the gaming indutry.

Are you ready for the jobs of the future?

AR, VR, META and the next internet, there are millions of jobs that's about to pop out in the industry. Are you ready for the big change, or happy with redundant IT job ?

Enter the game verse in a flash⚡

With the help of our community and tie-ups with gaming companies across the globe, you will get the right fit opportunity delivered to your DM.

Upskilling and networking

You will be working on live game development projects and adding those to your portfolio will attract our partner companies to your profile.

Remote working made easier

Learn from the top notch game developers and industry leaders on one-on-one session. We regularly push your portfolio to partner companies for placement.

Turning your passion into a professional career

1. Learn

Learn game development fundamentals from scratch. In the 7 months program you will learn to build 2D, 3D, single player and multiplayer game.

2. Create Portfolio

We will help you  creating your online profile with more than 20 live projects to showcase your skill. We will push your profile to top gaming companies.

3. Get Placed - for sure!

Our placement drive starts from month-4 of the program. With 100% placement assistance, allumni's are placed in MPL, Gamesastra and nCore games.