Mayank Grover


Game programmer - Carnegie Mellon university (EA sports) Software Engineer (games) - Dena West Unity Engineer -Pa


Mayank Grover

I have over a decade of professional experience building high-qualitygames with experience working with top tech companies around the globeincluding Electronic Arts (USA), Kixeye (USA), DeNA (USA), Junglee Games(India), D.E.Shaw (India) and many more game startups

I am passionate about helping people break into the games industry byhelping them with their portfolio, connect them with industry mentorsfor mentorship and unlock access to top tier game companies.

At Outscal, over the past 2.5 years, we have enrolled in 100s of studentsin our Full-stack Game Development program and helped them land jobswith top tier game companies like Ubisoft, Mobile Premier League, nCoreGames and many more!

Mayank Grover


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