Program Details

Full Stack Game Development

3 months, Full time OR 6 months, Part Time


100% online, 3-5 live classes per week

8 Modules


Intro to Game Development

(How to building large scale games like PubG and Candy crush)


Computer Science Fundamentals

(Data Structures, Algorithms, Vector maths, SQL databases)


Game Design Patterns & Architecture

(MVC, State Machines, SRP and more)


Performance Optimizations

(FPS optimizations, reduce memory usage)


Server development with Node.js & SQL

(build back-end server for real time multiplayer games)


Build 4 game projects with pair programming

(2 single player and 2 multi player games)


Advanced level concepts

(Dependency Injection, Unit Testing, RxUnity, Build automation and more)

Live Industry Internship​

Full Time Program (Mon-Fri)

09.00 AM - Coding challenge

10.00 AM - Live Lecture

11:30 AM - Workshop (Pair programming)

1.00 PM - Break

2:30 PM - Workshop

4:30 PM - Workshop Review

6:30 PM - Review materials for next day


Part Time Program

Custom program spread through weekday evenings and weekends

Ideal for students or working professionals

Fees and Scholarships

Full-stack Game Developer 

Upfront Fee: Rs 75,000


Income Share: 15% of income for 2 yrs

Given the candidate earns a base salary of Rs 500,000

Total Fee Cap: Rs 225,000

Introduction to Game Development

Fee: Rs. 15,000

Full-stack Web Developer 

Upfront Fee: Rs 150,000


Income Share: 15% of income for 2 yrs

Given the candidate earns a base salary of Rs 500,000

Total Fee Cap: Rs 3,00,000

Income Shares will be offered to students who qualify our coding challenges and interviews, and meet other administrative criteria.

Select students will be offered scholarships on Upfront Fee based on their performance in coding challenges and interviews.

For more queries, write in to

Full Stack Web Development

6 months Part-time


100% online, 5 Live classes per week 

Monday - Friday

5 Modules


Computer Science Fundamentals

(Data Structures, Algorithms)


Front End Basics

(HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap)


Front End Advanced

(React, Redux)

Back End 

(Node.js, Express, Databases like Postgres and MongoDB)

Live Industry Internship

Introduction to 

Game Development

3 months Part Time


100% online, live classes on weekends,

12 Classes


Basics of Game Development


Intro to Unity3D and C#

(Physics, Sounds, Animations and more)


Introduction to Git 

version control 

Data Structures 

(Arrays, Lists, Dictionary, Stacks)

Core Unity3D components 

(Prefabs, Colliders, Audio, Particle

Effects, Scene management,

Coroutines, and much more)

Build a 2D side scrolling game

Build a 3D tank shooter

multi-player game

Build a UI project

Code reviews