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Scale engineering teams -

Easier, Faster, Smarter

Talent accelerator helping software developers break into fulfilling technology careers


Distributed developers

Our devs adopt your project management tools

Collaborate on your favored messaging apps

Minimum 4 working hours overlap 

Pay as you go contracts

Transparent monthly pricing, no admin or visa costs


Hire in weeks, not months

Free 2 week trial, no questions asked

Hire time 14 days for in-house team

On-demand recruitment in 4-6 weeks


Trained, vetted top 2% talent

6 rounds of vetting -  technical interviews, coding challenges, communication skills, culture fit

12-week Talent Accelerator program for aspiring developers 

Ongoing learning and development for senior developers

Helping technology companies build

Training young engineers to become skilled developers

Full Stack Developers

Our core stack is Javascript (React.js, Angular.js), Node.js, React Native, Readux, MongoDB / PostgreSQL, Bootstrap and Docker.


We can also support Android and iOS native depending on your needs.

Full Stack Game Developers

Our game development stack includes Unity game engine with C#.


Games aren’t played alone so our developers are familiar with building multiplayer games using Node.js that can help you realize your vision of connected games of the future.

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