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Full Stack Game Development

Learn the skills needed for one of the most in-demand jobs in the global tech industry by our industry experts!

Course Syllabus

Intro to Game Development

(How to build large scale games like PubG and Candy crush)


Computer Science Fundamentals

(Data Structures, Algorithms, Vector maths, SQL databases)


Game Design Patterns & Architecture

(MVC, State Machines, SRP and more)


Performance Optimizations

(FPS optimizations, reduce memory usage)


Server development with Node.js & SQL

(build back-end server for real-time multiplayer games)


Build 4 game projects with pair programming

(2 single-player and 2 multiplayer games)


Advanced level concepts

(Dependency Injection, Unit Testing, RxUnity, Build automation and more)

Team Projects

Tuition Options

Postpaid payment plan​

Income Share: 15% of income for 2 yrs

Minimum job guarantee of Rs. 5 Lacs 

Total Fee Cap: Rs 3 Lacs

Prepaid payment plan

Upfront Fee: Rs 1.5 Lacs

Ready to start your career in game development?

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