About Outscal

What is Outscal?​

Outscal is an e-learning mentorship platform for game developers that bridges the gap between college education and industry expectations. The only platform in India that lets you connect with experts in the industry and eventually land a job in your dream gaming company.

You pay nothing until you land a life-changing job — no matter where you live in India.

At Outscal, students and professionals learn from tech industry leaders who understand the industry requirements. They have years of experience and have worked at top technology companies in India & abroad. Our program is designed to be employment-oriented, with months of dedicated career service support available for our fellows, to help them seek the right career opportunities post their graduation date. Our approach to learning provides students a good amount of knowledge but also does everything to help them land as many interview opportunities as possible with our hiring partners.

Throughout the program, students learn Fundamentals of C++ programming, Fundamentals of game development, Data Structures & Algorithm, Unity 2D/3D.

The program is designed to teach you everything you need to start building kickass games, with 24*7 live help online if you have a doubt, from our trainers and TAs.

However, our job isn't over yet. Once Outscal fellows are done with the course, our career services team will work with them - helping with CVs, cover letters, building online portfolios on Github, LinkedIn, interview prep, mock interviews, and industry connections. We will also source placement opportunities for our fellows from our extensive network of recruitment partners.

Where is Outscal located?

We are based out of New Delhi, India and now are a fast-growing remote team! Our distributed team consists of people working safely from the comfort of their homes.

How is Outscal different from other institutions?

  1. Not for Everyone: Outscal is not for the sluggish. That is why we only accept students who are dedicated and consistent with a growth mindset, are passionate, and are willing to pay full attention while learning. From 1000s of applications that we receive for each clan, less than 2% of students are offered the ISA. The math here shows that only 20 students are selected from the total applications we receive for every clan.

  2. Income Share Agreement: We firmly believe that a learning opportunity should be available to everyone. We offer merit-cum-need based Income Share Agreements (ISA) to students who meet our qualifying criteria, ensuring they pay us only after they secure a well-paying job. They have to deposit Rs.10,000 as a security deposit during the admission process which will be adjusted in their last installment.

  3. 24*7 Live Help: Building games are fun and we are here to make your learning process more smooth and efficient. We ensure that our students get enough attention and none of their queries are left unheard, thus we provide 24*7 online help whenever our students have a doubt regarding their course, from our Trainers and TAs.

  4. Rigorous Learning: This is not a self-paced learning experience. This program is designed to teach our students everything they need, to have a solid foundation in developing games, knowledge of tech stacks, everything they need to start building kick-ass games and eventually land them a great job. Our students are focused on coding assignments, code reviews, and pair programming projects on a daily basis, which continuously pushes them outside of their comfort zone.

  5. A Community like a Family: From the day you join our 7 Day trial, you automatically become a part of a loving community that is home to gamers, developers, coders, designers, and more. Attend gaming events, network with like-minded people, help those who are new in the industry, and seek help from those who have been here for decades.

What is Outscal’s mission?

Our mission at Outscal is to support professionals and founders working in the games industry globally.

We do this by investing in talent and helping them acquire the skills needed to succeed in the games industry. We provide them with content, mentorship, guidance, and networking, to help them learn more about the games industry while building a global community to make connections possible.

We are a small team of hard-working, self-directed individuals who believe that anyone can change the world with hard work, passion, and relentless dedication!

Our founder enjoys nurturing talented people that work alongside him along with 100s of young professionals that enroll in our game development program every year, with the best industry mentorship and the right opportunities to accelerate their careers. Not to mention the 1000s that are part of our global Discord community.

Know more about our founder and CEO -
Mayank Grover

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